My name is Hana and I’m the sole owner and designer for Pinku Kult!

Pinku Kult was conceived as a way for myself as an artist to explore product ideas that tell a story whilst collating what was produced under one core concept; ‘The Kult’.

Pinku Kult is an alternative fashion and apparel brand that launched at the start of 2019. The brand focuses on a mix of punk and occult imagery and aesthetics whilst creating designs based around our core cast of demon characters and follows the exploits of our fictional Kult Leader; Megumi. Pinku Kult is inspired by my life long love of alternative fashion, imagery and music and allows me to create the types of products and designs I would like to see available. I’m also a strong proponent for inclusivity and try to ensure my designs and products are suitable for all.


At Pinku Kult we focus on producing high quality apparel and cosmetic products.

Our apparel line focuses on screen printed products and we aim to be as inclusive as possible. Whilst screen printed products are more costly to produce we think this method is unparalleled in re-creating illustrations and designs printed using this method have a great life span. Whilst designs will fade with wear and washing they will slowly gain a vintage look over time which if cared for properly should last for decades.

Currently our products are printed on the following brands and more information, such as size, can be found in our individual product listings:

Anthem, AS Colour, AWDIS, Continental, Earth Positive, Skinnifit, Stanley + Stella.


We work closely with all our manufacturers to ensure a high finish on all our items and assess all companies for correct work practices prior to any work being undertaken.

Should you have any questions or wish to get in touch please email us at hello@pinkukult.com

Pinku Kult is a registered trademark of Dream Oni LTD
Dream Oni LTD
Company registration number: 12150638
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